MicroPress TeXpider
MicroPress Inc.
June 10, 1997

MicroPress TeXpider is yet another LATEX-to-HTML converter, but with a twist: it actually works. It will not run out of memory, will not complain about user-defined macros and will not require you to introduce drastic modifications to you source. It will simply do the job.

Subject Classification: _LATEX to HTML converter which actually works.
Key words and phrases. LATEX to HTML, Web building tools, new powerful VTEX add-on, another First from MicroPress.
This description has been formatted as a report. In most cases, article would have been more prudent, but we want to show-off the automatically generated Table of Contents. You can look at its LATEX source to realize what MicroPress TeXpider did here and can do with your documents.

Created by MicroPress TeXpider.