Announcing :: MicroPress TeXpider

[A LaTeX2HTML tool that really works.]

[Current Version: 6.3 (January 1999)]

MicroPress TeXpider is yet another LaTeX-to-HTML converter, but with a twist: it actually works. It will not run out of memory, will not complain about user-defined macros and will not require you to introduce drastic modifications to you source. It will simply do the job.

MicroPress TeXpider is a modified TeX compiler which produces HTML output instead of usual .dvi's. Being driven by a TeX engine it naturally supports full TeX syntax: variables, macros, stylesheets. Producing HTML directly makes it easy-to-use: all you need to do is to run a single command-line program---or---run it from the MicroPress VTeX/Windows shell.

The TeXpider is available from MicroPress for introductory price of only $100. Please add $8 for S/H [US/Canada] ($25 overseas). NYS residents please add 8.25% sales tax. You can place the order electronically via the online order form right now, or do it by phone or fax. If you have additional questions, please write to us.