May 30, Y2K. MicroPress is happy to announce immediate availability of VTeX version 7.

VTeX 7 is the culmination of more than a year of development; the new distribution includes both enhancements and major new components. The new features include:

New Mode
In addition to the existing DVI, PDF, and HTML modes, VTeX now features direct PostScript (PS) mode. With the PS mode you can generate PostScript from TeX in a quick one-pass way, bypassing the DVI's. Extras include inclusion of many bitmapped format, EPS, /pdfmark support, and even optional PS->PS distillation (for smaller and verified PostScript output). GeX and GeXX plugins are fully supported.
The Typesetter
Other changes in the VTeX typesetter involve improvements in the PDF compilation, and removal of the last limitations (hyphenation table sizes).
Business Chart Plugin
New Business Chart Plugin allows to easily enhance your documents with a variety of charts: bars, lines, donuts, ...
Function Plot Plugin and Visual Interface
Easily add plots based on functional representations? Would like to plot sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2? Just enter the expression inside the TeX code, define gradients and shadings, draw contour maps and 3D plots.
GeX enhancements
Multiple GeX enhancements lead to tighter code; better diagnostics allows to pinpoint common errors in included PostScript code; among new features is the Level II support and the ability to switch the GeX interpreter dynamically between the Level I and II PostScript.
Animated GIF's
Pdf backend now supports Animated GIF inclusion.
Substantial number of improvements in the IDE, in particular the Project Manager; integrated previewing of the HTML output; New File Wizard; Hyphenation Manager.
The Editor
Enhancements include include Drag-and-Drop for blocks, user-defined stoppers for word wrap and paragraph reformatting.
The Dvi Reader
Major rewrite of the DVI Reader program; a large number of new options added. Among the many changes, the DVI Reader now allows to drag the image, supports Fit Page and Fit Width, has measurement rules, GoBack and GoForward buttons, and works with the Windows 2000 Type1 rasterizer.
Other Programs
Most of other utility components and Visual Tools have been improvements; among the new improved programs are the Visual Equation editor, the \chardef Wizard, the Font Commander, and AliasPS Type1 support Wizard.
New improved releases of EC/TC,