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Features of MicroPress Products
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Product Updates

MicroPress' products develop dynamically. That is why our products meet up-to-the-time standards in functionality, user interface, and productivity. We regulary release new versions of our products, and offer users a variety of ways to keep their software up-to-date.


Patches (within the same major version) are often available for free by downloading from this website. Patches include:
  • new features and improvements, added in course of development of the current major version of program.
  • additional modules
  • extra documentation
  • bug fixes

Replacement CD's

Instead of downloading and applying patches, you may opt to receive the most current CD at any time. This offer applies only if you have the current major version of the product.

One exception to the rule: recent new users of VTeX 6.7 can upgrade to 7.0 with this option. This upgrade offer will remain available until 8/1


If you want to upgrade to the current major version of the software (provided you already own an older one), we have a reduced price schedule. At this time, updates are offered only for VTeX/Pro and VTeX/Lite (to VTeX/Pro). There are no update options for VTeX/A and EqMagic.

Update subscription

If you use TeX heavily, you may subscribe for quaterly updates. You will be receiving the most recent version of the software automatically four times a year (quarterly), including all new modules, major versions, and new programs.

Font Pack Upgrades

From time to time we release new versions of the font packs; these updates typically include new and or enlarged fonts. For example, in August of 2004, we have released new versions of BA Math and PA Math packages; these packages now include AMS compatible fonts PAAM, PABM and BAAM, BABM. Upgrade pricing is available, see the order form.

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