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Unique Features

If you are visiting the MicroPress site for the first time, the question which would naturally rise is:
Ok, this may look interesting... But how does it compare with other TeX's? Does it offer anything which I cannot find elsewhere? Or is it just a repackaged public-domain code, just like other commercial implementations?

Here are some of the major points... There are, of course, also hundreds of lesser features, not found anywhere else... Read on...

VTeX is the only distribution of TeX featuring the unity of design. Whereas other ``commercial'' implementations may sell you a 3rd-party shareware editor and pack in freeware dvi drivers, MicroPress produces all of the VTeX component and stands behind them.

VTeX is the only distribution which features a fully intergrated development environment.

Only VTeX saves you time and learning plain with the Visual Tools, like the Visual Equation editor or the Visual Function Plot.

The synchronization between the editor and the previewer in both DVI and PDF modes is again unique to VTeX.

Only VTeX offers 1-pass output of DVI, PDF, PS and HTML.

Only VTeX offers PDF compilation of documents that use PostScript, including .EPS, Pstricks, Psfrag, Seminar, or Xypic.

Only VTeX is a truly no-limit compiler. Whereas others limit you to 256 registers or fonts, or limit the string pool or the hyphenation tables, we don't. Would like to make a catalog of hundreds of the fonts supplied with VTeX? No problem.

Only VTeX supports user-Extensible PostScript (GeXX).

Only VTeX supports more than a dozen of new graphics keys, including the abilities to downsample, brighten, or contrast the images.

Only VTeX supports new powerful extentions, like font effects, TeX-resolution of Virtual fonts, smallcaps emulation, multiline underline/redline/strikeout (Surd), and many more.

VTeX is the only commercial TeX distribution that is fully compatible with the Unix world. Only VTeX correctly supports Virtual fonts, PSNFSS, and Type 1.

Only VTeX includes Type 1 versions of the best of TeX fonts:
EC, TC Concrete, ECC, CM Bright, LH, Circ, Pandora,...

MicroPress is the only company capable of development of new TeX fonts. 4 new families have been designed for professional users over the last two years: HVMath, TMMath, BAMath, and Informal Math.

Last Updated: September 1, 2000.
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