The TT2IF Font Importer

The TT2IF font importer converts TrueType fonts into VTeX's native scalable font format. The resulting fonts can be used under both Windows and DOS, with full access to all font effects available in VTeX. TT2IF allows these types of conversion:
  • Preserving the original Windows order of glyphs. This is most suitable when you want to use the original (unconverted) TrueType fonts under Windows, but would like to get the same font layouts under DOS.
  • Re-ordering glyphs to the standard TeX layout. This is most suitable for Latin text fonts.
  • Using an arbitrary remapping sequence. This is most suitable for Dingbat and non-Latin text fonts. The remapping sequence is given as an ASCII remapping file (*.T2I); it can be built visually with the T2IMAP utility.