The AliasPS Utility

AliasPS is a new utility, aimed to make your Type 1 (PostScript) fonts usable by VTeX. It will be (optionally) run by VTeX installer, scan your hard drives for Type1 fonts, build TFM and other necessary for VTeX data, and install fonts found for use by VTeX automatically.

There are two ways for using Type 1 fonts by VTeX if you have Adobe's Type Manager (ATM) installed. The ATM makes your Type1 fonts visible by Windows as TrueType fonts. Since VTeX is capable of dealing with TrueType fonts, one can access them indirectly. We strongly recommend to use Type1 fonts directly, not via ATM. This is because of the known problems in how ATM converts Type1 encoding to Windows font encoding. Moreover, when you use Type1 fonts for building PDF or PostScript outputs directly, you can access special (extra) characters in Type1 fonts via user-specified encoding tables.