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Special Internet Promotion

[07/20/01 --- 08/20/01]

[Due to multiple requests the promo is back: make your pick today!]

If your were thinking about ordering VTeX, now is a good time!

For a limited time, any order of VTeX/Pro qualifies for a free bonus font pack. Just order VTeX/Pro with our easy online order form and specify which bonus pack you would like in the Comments field at the end of the form.

MicroPress offers more quality mathematical fonts than any other foundry in the word: more than Adobe, more than B&H, more than Monotype:

Choose for these five quality MicroPress font families:

  • TM-Math
    --- traditional mathematics in a traditional typeface, required or recommended by many magazines/publishing houses. This fontset now includes AMS Math support.

  • HV-Math
    --- Our exclusive HV-math typeface is great for presentations, student handouts, and short papers. This fontset now includes AMS Math support.

  • IF-Math
    --- and, if you want something really non-traditional, take a look at this other MicroPress exclusive font family!

  • BA-Math
    --- Tired of Times? How about a full Baskerville-based font solution?

  • PA-Math
    --- A bit of humane touch, perhaps? See our newest family!
Besides these bonus typefaces, the VTeX/Pro CD comes with more than 1500 of other quality fonts in Type1 format, including EC/TC, Concrete, ECC, CC Math, Pandora, LA, CM Bright, .... --- all ready to be used with TeX and mostly not available from any other source.
This offer expires 08/20/01; it cannot be combined with any other promotions.

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2001.

(C) MicroPress Inc., 2001. All rights reserved.