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What's New

10/10/03: VTeX 8.30 is here. New features:

  • Multiple Master Math Extension font support allows to avoid roundoff and other errors in the traditional TeX math extension technology. See MathExMM.PDF for additional details and examples.
  • Support package for the Adobe Minion OpenType font set.
  • PdfPages package support in PDF and PS modes.
  • Support for CSTEX and CSLATEX; including full set of Czech fonts built with the Math Precise Technology.

10/01/03: ChMath is here!

This brand new fontset, available only from Micropress, is our 6th premium font family. ChMath supplements Bitstream Charter family with everything needed for typesetting mathematics. See our font page for additional information and examples.

06/10/03: VTeX 8.21 is here. New features:

  • VTeX is now compatible with recently released Adobe Acrobat 6. See Acrobat 6 issues page for the information on how to update older versions of VTeX for use with Acrobat 6.

05/10/03: VTeX 8.2 is here. New features:

  • four alternative implementations of Computer Modern fonts. The new font sets represent four weights of the entire Computer Modern set, based on the latest Knuth's designs. The fonts have been made using the Math Precise Technology with great technical quality. Let error-prone manually redesigned, or bitmap autotraced Computer Modern slip from your memory! The font sets produced in Type1 format are fully hinted, flex hints including. Full hinting provides the best possible rendering on screen, and on low-resolution printers as well. The extensive choice of weights allows you to fully adjust the desired appearance of the fonts for your display and printer. No more ``Computer Modern fonts are too light'' complaints... just choose and use the right weight for your document.

12/20/02: VTeX 8.1 is here. New features:

  • optimized embedding of PDF documents. To include the N'th page of doc.pdf in your document, just use the standard graphicx command \includegraphics[page=N]{doc.pdf}. Embedded PDF pages can be scaled, rotated etc. Unlike other TeX implementations, PDF embedding is optimized in VTeX. This results in smaller and more reliable output PDF documents.
  • CB font set for Greek typesetting. The font set includes almost 600 Type1 (pfb) fonts, made with our proprietary Math Precise Font Technology.

07/31/02: VTeX 8.0 is here! First major upgrade in two years and new major features:

  • SVG output mode. SVG (scalable vector graphics) is the new W3C standard for vector graphics on the Web; VTeX can now write SVG output directly. SVG provides PDF-like quality of the text and graphics output together with the powerful animation/scripting facilities. In addition to the Web pages, the SVG output mode is intended for producing high quality presentations. SVG output is supported by all major formats (Plain TeX, LaTeX, AmsTeX); by the GeX engine and its plugins, by all graphics-related packages (Graphicx, (E)psfig, Pstricks, Psfrag,..), Hyperref.

    Most importantly, SVG mode is supported by common presentation packages like PdfScreen, Seminar or Prosper; thus you can add animations to your existing presentations today. SVG mode is also fully supported by the VTeX IDE.

    For additional details on the SVG mode, see the SVGTeX page.

    The SVG output mode is the fifth output mode directly supported by the VTeX compiler (the other four are DVI, PDF, PS and HTML).

  • VTeX 8.0 distribution now includes two new SVG-specific packages svginav.sty and svgenav.sty which automatically add page navigation to your document.

  • Mathematically Precise Fonts: the new release includes new version of the EC/TC fonts which, unlike all previous implementations of these fonts are mathematically precise: all control points are placed in exactly the right positions and hinting is complete. We expect our new MathPrecise font technology to be used to update and improve other font sets as well as introduce new fonts. For a comparison between the MicroPress MathPrecise fonts and the autotraced fonts, see this (pdf) article.

  • New GeX extension and package: FxEff. Applies font effects to text and even entire formulas; a must for making fancy presentations. An SVG sample of the FxEff output can be seen here, compiled with either the HVMath fonts, or the IFMath fonts. (to view this sample, install the Adobe SVG viewer first.)

  • GeX/graphicx now can automatically handle EPS files that have binary preambles as well as gzipped EPS files.

  • New space optimization feature in the PDF mode allows to decrease the output size by as much as 20%.

  • Precompiled font maps improve the performance of the compiler in production environment in the PDF and PS modes.

  • Many enhancements in the DVI Reader, including native processing of Type1 and OpenType fonts (no ATM needed), and ability to transform/rotate images under all operating systems.

03/31/02: VTeX 7.6 is here. VTeX 7.6 is the last 7.x system.

  • Symbol templates in the IDE.
  • slant and aspect parameters now work with OpenType fonts.
  • The PDF mode compiler now converts embedded Type1 fonts to CFF, thereby further decreasing the size of the output.
  • Changes to the VTeX/CJK package to reflect the latest Adobe changes in the CID font distributions.

12/01/01: VTeX 7.5 is here:

  • A large number of miscellaneous corrections and improvements to the PS/PDF modes of the VTEX compiler.
  • New/improved versions of many packages, including the core LaTeX2e distribution, Tools, Babel, Pstricks and several others.
  • Improved set of the hyphenation patterns for many languages.
  • Improved version of font manager (Alias.exe).
  • Improved PNG graphics filter handles the newest features of the standard.
  • ArabTEX added (including new Hebrew fonts hclassic and hcaption in Type1.)

07/31/01: VTeX 7.4 is here:

  • Support for OpenType fonts in Pdf and Ps modes.
  • Pdf Security options
  • New AliasFont font configuration utility handles Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType
  • many new Type 1 font packages: ar, bbm, DoubleStroke, Gothic, IfSym, Tipa, Ulsy, Wasy, Marvosym, BookTabs and BBding.
  • miscellaneous improvements to several other packages.

06/20/01: We are proud to announce PA Math: our newest Premium Math Font solution.

03/31/01: VTeX 7.3 is here:
Radical rewrite of the GeX kernel leading to improved effciency (smaller pdf output) and new capabilities; several new and updated packages; and more fonts, as usual.

  • Changes in the handling of the fonts that are embedded in the PostScript input (.eps files); smart merging of multiply embedded fonts, leading to the smaller output size.
  • Ability to use Type1 fonts that do not conform to the ATM standard.
  • Full support for the Multiple Master fonts, including automatic instance formation; the new .mfm Multiple Master font metrics format.
  • Extended \font syntax for selecting MM instances.
  • MFM metrics for most MM fonts included.
  • Optional emission of Compact Fonts (Type 2 CharStrings), leading to often great savings in the output size.
  • Ability to embed IF4 fonts in the PDF output as Type 3 outlines.
  • Support for TrueType fonts in the PDF and PS modes.
  • New Visual TrueType font configurator (the AliasTT program) maintains the TrueType font configuration and automatically builds metrics.
  • Enhancements to GeX API, this will lead to some new plugin capabilites.
  • GeX no longer automatically loads the current TeX font; this happens only if the font is actually used. This change leads to improved performance as well as conserves GeX/PostScript memory.
  • New (and great) package for making slides, Prosper, is fully supported in the PDF mode.
  • Updated version of PdfScreen.
  • Added fully PDF-mode compatible versions of several other legacy packages, including ChangeBar, PSfig, PSbox.
  • RevTeX is now a standard part of the distribution.
  • Added Type 1 fonts: various design sizes of the University of Washington Cyrillic fonts.
  • Added Type 1 fonts: dingbat1, dingbat2, and mvttapl analogs in Type 1 (These fonts were previously available in the IF4 format only).
  • The IDE now supports Project-wide search operations.
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and corrections to several components, including the DVI Reader, VEE (Visual Equation Editor), and others.
  • Improved versions of vtex.def (Graphicx package), pdf.sty (Hyperlinking), and several other styles.
  • Help files are now easily accessible in the (user-customizable) IDE menu system.
  • Short manuals for LaTeX added.
  • Improved Font Sample Reference (fsample.pdf).

01/31/00: HVMath 1.5 is here:

  • AMS-compatible fonts hvam10, hvbm10 have been added to the HV Math distribution. These fonts should be used with HV Math instead of the conventional hvam10, hvbm10. To simplify the use of these fonts, the \verb|hvams.sty| style is included.
    The new BlackBoard Math shapes in hvbm10 can also be used in conjunction with other font families.

12/15/00: VTeX 7.2 is here:

  • New package added: CM Dark. For many years the lightness of the standard CM Type 1 fonts has been the source of complains: these fonts were designed for high-resolution PostScript printing rather than the legibility in Acrobat documents or on a laser printer. The new CM Dark implementation is designed to overcome the problem by supplying a darker version of the same fonts; the weight of the CM Dark fonts has been chosen to best approximate the traditional appearance of the PK fonts on a laser printer.
  • Large set of Type 1 Cyrillic fonts added.
  • New feature: alternative font maps can be specified with the -of[mapname]; switch of the VTeX compiler. This allows the compiler to locate the font files from a list other than in aliasing.pst, or from a several font lists in a specified order.
  • The compiler now supports the bophook feature. The concept of bophook originates from the DVI->PS drivers; these drivers append the PostScript code as provided in a (PostScript) variable /bophook at the beginning of each output page. The feature can be used, for example, to overlay each page with an image or a background drawing.
    [Please see the readme file in the distribution for the explanation of the trickery involved.]
  • ... which made it possible to finally support draftcopy in the PDF mode; it is now included.
  • AxoDraw is another LaTeX package updated for direct PDF mode compilation.
  • Miscellaneous corrections, improvements and optimizations in the PDF and HTML mode of the compiler, DVI Reader, the IDE, and several other programs.
  • New versions of LaTeX2e and related packages.

12/15/00: TMMath 1.5 is here:

  • AMS-compatible fonts tmam10, tmbm10 have been added to the TM Math distribution. These fonts should be used with TM Math instead of the conventional msam10, cmbm10. To simplify the use of these fonts, the \verb|tmams.sty| style is included.

    These fonts are included in the updated TMMath distribution.

08/30/00: VTeX 7.1 is here:

  • Substantially enhanced GeX processing in Level 2 PostScript, including support for local/global memory.
  • Full processing of pdfmark commands in GeX.
  • New version of hyperref, including an additional pdfmark-based driver for VTeX, vtexpdfmark.
  • The enhancements in GeX and hyperref were largely motivated by support for PdfScreen, which is now fully supported in PS and PDF modes and included in the distribution.
  • Several additional included packages, updated for VTeX and PDF mode.
  • Continuous (i.e. capable of trans-spanning lines and pages) strikeout / underline / redline / double underline capabilites in PDF, PS and DVI backends; support via the new Surd macro package.
  • Support for Small/Medium Toolbars in the Visual Equation Editor (VEE).
  • Many minor corrections/enhancements in the IDE (WVTE), as well as the Visual Equation editor.
  • Minor miscellaneous changes in HVMath, BAMath, and PSNFSS.
  • Fast processing mode for Cyrillic documents which bypasses the bottleneck of inputenc and hyperref to deliver far greater speed.
  • New pspage=# option for \includegraphics allows to selectively include one page of a multi-page PostScript file.

06/15/00: BaMath fonts are here:

  • Another new exclusive font solution from MicroPress: BAMath: complete font solution based on the Baskerville font family. BAMath includes text fonts in OT1, LV1, and T1 encodings, as well as the matching regular and bold math fonts. Visit our font page for more information.

05/30/00: VTeX 7.0 is here:

  • New Mode
    In addition to the existing DVI, PDF, and HTML modes, VTeX now features direct PostScript (PS) mode. With the PS mode you can generate PostScript from TeX in a quick one-pass way, bypassing the DVI's. Extras include inclusion of many bitmapped format, EPS, /pdfmark support, and even optional PS->PS distillation (for smaller and verified PostScript output). GeX and GeXX plugins are fully supported.
  • The Typesetter
    Other changes in the VTeX typesetter involve improvements in the PDF compilation, and removal of the last limitations (hyphenation table sizes).
  • Business Chart Plugin
    New Business Chart Plugin allows to easily enhance your documents with a variety of charts: bars, lines, donuts, ...
  • Function Plot Plugin and Visual Interface
    Easily add plots based on functional representations? Would like to plot sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2? Just enter the expression inside the TeX code, define gradients and shadings, draw contour maps and 3D plots.
  • GeX enhancements
    Multiple GeX enhancements lead to tighter code; better diagnostics allows to pinpoint common errors in included PostScript code; among new features is the Level II support and the ability to switch the GeX interpreter dynamically between the Level I and II PostScript.
  • The IDE
    Substantial number of improvements in the IDE, in particular the Project Manager; integrated previewing of the HTML output; New File Wizard; Hyphenation Manager.
  • The Editor
    Enhancements include include Drag-and-Drop for blocks, user-defined stoppers for word wrap and paragraph reformatting.
  • The Dvi Reader
    Major rewrite of the DVI Reader program; a large number of new options added. Among the many changes, the DVI Reader now allows to drag the image, supports Fit Page and Fit Width, has measurement rules, GoBack and GoForward buttons, and works with the Windows 2000 Type1 rasterizer.
  • Other Programs
    Most of other utility components and Visual Tools have been improvements; among the new improved programs are the Visual Equation editor, the \chardef Wizard, the Font Commander, and AliasPS Type1 support Wizard.
  • Fonts
    New improved releases of EC/TC, CM Bright, BT, and some other families. [The EC set has been made darker for better PDF readability; it now uses the standard es-zet shape.]
  • More Type1 fonts
    Full set of LA fonts (331) for Cyrillic typesetting makes creation of PDF's in Russian (and other Cyrillic languages) easy. Circ package and the full set of Type1 fonts is added.
  • More IF4 fonts
    All of EC and the most common PSNFSS fonts are now supplied in the IF4 format as well [for use in the DVI and HTML modes.]
  • Improved setup files
    Improved Setup files for LaTeX2E include full support for the new font families (TM 1.2, HV 1.2). The Font Setup is now entirely modular; new font families can be added without a need for updating the core setup files.
  • Documentation
    Documentation updated and expanded to cover all the additions made during the two-year lifecycle of VTeX 6.

03/05/00: VTeX 6.7 is here:

  • New, much improved set of EC fonts (darker fonts for better readability, conventional es-zet shape, enlarged set of TC fonts).
  • Substantially improved versions of CM Bright and Concrete Math fonts.
  • New versions of LaTeX2e, Tools, and AmSLaTeX.
  • Improved vtexhtml.sty: no longer emits empty pages for empty sections/chapters in the document
  • Improved vtex.def (again): in the PDF mode, detects EPS's that leave junk on the stack (all too common) and corrects the problem.
  • Animated Gif inclusion support in the Pdf mode.

11/25/99: VTeX 6.6 is here:

  • Much faster compiler operation; fast file cache support for additional speed.
  • Dvi mode: improved printing interface; easy selection of Windows drivers.
  • Dvi mode: new Graphics file drivers allow to write TeX output in all 7 supported bitmapped formats.
  • Wvte: project manager supports LaTeX-style include Several minor corrections/improvements to WVTE.
  • Html mode: transparent anti-aliased Gif's supported.
  • Full Psnfss support; free URW fonts included.
  • New (and much improved) Hyperref release.
  • New vtex.def which corrects potential color leak problems.
  • New versions of \LaTeX2e, Babel, Tools, Graphics.
  • About 30 additional font sizes for CM/AMS fonts (Type 1).
  • Improved EC fonts: now allow search of accented words in Acrobat 3.
  • Improved bypass for the Adobe Reader 4 PCL printer bugs.
  • The distibution now includes the newest Acrobat Reader 4.05.
  • Install: new 32-bit installer.

08/25/99: VTeX 6.5 is here:

  • Major Improvements in the IDE
  • Project Management for large TeX jobs.
  • Improved German spelling checking.
  • Major rewrite of the Pdf compiler backend; the generated Pdf code is now more compact, especially for PStricks-based and similar documents.
  • XYpic support in Pdf mode; XYpic now included in the distribution
  • Pdf page thumbs: produce thumbs out of image files or by via autogeneration.
  • Pdf forms, JavaScript and Sound support.
  • Totally rehinted and much improved Concrete and Concrete Math fonts.
  • Seminar support in Pdf mode; see some nice VTeX-generated slides by Denis Girou on the Tug site. VTeX+Seminar is the easiest way to create professional presentations for Acrobat (Sorry, M$: this beats PowerPoint).

08/15/99: VTeX/2 is here.

05/15/99: VTeX 6.4 is here:

  • Improved Equation Editor
  • Improved Bitmapped Import filters (JPEG, TIFF)
  • New extentions to the GeX; ability to load bitmapped images into the PostScript/GeX environment. Click here for full explanation and examples.
  • Bitmap filtering plugins: TransBit and Degrade. Click here for more.
  • Updated graphicx with support for new features.
  • CJK support in PDF mode: for the first time VTeX makes it possible to create quality PDF documents in Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Click here for more.
  • Latest LaTeX2E (March 1999 release) included.
  • Acrobat4 compatibility.
  • Workaround for the Adobe's Acrobat4 Math Extention Bug.

05/15/99: New Type 1 fonts available: Concrete Math and ECC. These fonts supplement already available Concrete family with symbols for mathematics and European letters.
All these fonts are available at no charge in the VTeX 6.4 distribution.

04/01/99: IF-Math Fonts are here

02/15/99: VTeX 6.3 is here with a set of new and unique features:

  • GeXX (Extensible GeX): write your own TeX extensions/plugins in C;
  • PieChart style/plugin;
  • support of alternative fontsets in HTML mode (including HV-math and TM-math);
  • synchronization of the editor and the previewer in the PDF mode;
  • setups of most formats for Concrete fonts,
  • and many other improvements.

02/15/99: New Type 1 fonts available: CM Bright, Concrete and CM TT Bold.
CM Bright (original design by Walter Schmidt) provides an alternative sans-serif family of text and math fonts.
Concrete fonts are much more legible than CM and are recommended for online PDF documentations.
CM TT Bold is provided for use with the Concrete fonts (usual TT fonts do not mix well with Concrete because of similar darkness).
All these fonts are available at no charge in the VTeX 6.3 distribution.

11/25/98: TM-Math Fonts are here

11/15/98: HV-Math Fonts are here

11/01/98: VTeX 6.2 is here. The major new feature is the GeX: Graphics EXtension. GeX for the first time anywhere allows direct compilation from TeX to PDF, together with encapsulated PostScript images, inline PostScript code (PSTricks/PSFrag), and feedback from PostScript back to TeX. See [GeX processor] for more details.

10/30/98: EqMagic 2.0 is here

07/15/98: VTeX 6.10 is here: Among many other additions, VTeX now includes the FULL set of EC fonts in the Type 1 format.

06/15/98: New fonts in Type 1 format released: Pandora, StMary, BBold. Please visit our Goodies page for a free download.

04/20/98: VTeX 6.00: New major version released.

02/01/98: VTeX 5.50: PDF backend (pre-release).

01/25/98: VTeX 5.50: Graphics package support.

12/03/97: VTeX 5.20: EqEditor now supports user macros.

09/10/97: TeXpider now supports HTML frames.

06/10/97: The TeXpider is now available.

06/10/97: Patches for VTeX are now available online.

05/15/97: VTeX 5.05+: NLS for the French language (hyph, examples).

05/15/97: VTeX 5.05+: NLS for the German language (hyph, examples).

05/15/97: VTeX 5.05+: NLS for the Italian language (hyph, examples).

02/20/97: VTeX 5.0 is now available.

05/17/96: Italian spelling checker is now available.

05/05/96: EPSF for VTeX is now available. The distribution has been updated and now includes it (within VPSFIG package). If you have VTeX/Pro 4.x, you can also download from the goodies page.

04/15/96: EqMagic Lite is now available for download.

Equation Magic Lite for Win 3.1 is available for personal use at no charge. You will be able to obtain it by downloading it from this site from April 15th. If you cannot download and would like us to send it to you by mail, the cost of S/H is $10. You can either mail the check to MicroPress or send an Email with a credit card number (VISA, MC, AMEX) to sales@micropress-inc.com.

03/25/96: MicroPress announces Equation Magic: OLE-based visual equation editor. Unlike other equation editors available, Equation Magic is TeX-based. This guarantees the best possible formula formatting. Being OLE-based, Equation magic is compatible with many Windows applications: from MS Write to AMI Pro and MS Word.

03/10/96: VTeX/Pro is now available on a CD-ROM. The price of the CD version is $399; for a limited time the CD version contains all the bonus packages as well (Cyrillic and Greek fonts; Spelling checkers for US and UK English; VMetaFont; NewMath fonts).

*Please revisit this page later ... More is coming ...

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2002.
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