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TeX & Math fonts

MicroPress is not just the home of the best TeX system: we are also the home for the best fonts to be used with TeX!

For the last ten years MicroPress stayed at the forefront of TeX technology. We were the first to bring out scalable fonts, font effects, support for all common graphics formats, integrated spell checking, visual tools, synchronization between the editor and the previewer, GeX and GeX plugins, quality Type 1 fonts and much more. Our 4-in-1 TeX remains the market leader today. VTeX, with its intuitive IDE, full online context-sensitive help, and the Visual Tools is the easiest to use TeX system for novices. Quality fonts, choice of three output modes, ability to write user extentions make it the choice for the professionals.

It is no wonder that majority of our users switched to VTeX from competing implementations; whether you are already using another version of TeX or just starting, whether you are looking for the utmost power or the ease-of-use, VTeX is the right choice for you.

Contact us:
MicroPress, Inc.
68-30 Harrow Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375, USA

Recent News

MicroPress invites Beta-Testers to try and comment on MicroIMP. MicroIMP combines the power of TeX typesetting with the easyness of fully WYSIWYG editing. No commands, no syntax, no errors: just keyboard, mouse, and easy to navigate menus. You can download MicroIMP from the MicroIMP forum site.

Oct 1, 2005: VTeX 8.61 is here; VTeX 8.61 is compatible with the latest Adobe Reader (7.0.5). For more information on AR 7.0.5 compatibility, click here.

Oct 1, 2005: VTeX 8.6 is here; New features include support for Beamer and PGF packages, and additional spelling dictionaries for the Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Russian languages; the spelling module modified to support these languages. VTeX 8.6 distribution also includes the unlimited version of MicroIMP.

Jan 1, 2005: VTeX 8.5 is here; New features include support for the Adobe OTF Garamond fonts, new and improved version of the CM Bright fonts, constructed with the Math Precise technology, and many miscellaneous corrections.

Sep 1, 2004: New versions of PA and BA Math packages add AMS compatible fonts (PAAM, PABM, BAAM, BABM). Upgrades are available, see the order form.

Jan 1, 2004: VTeX 8.4 is here; New features include support for Pattern Color Spaces, support for the Adobe OTF Caslon distribution, and support for the Adobe Kepler MM set (for MM Kepler, VTeX automatically forms design sizes.)

Oct 10, 2003: VTeX 8.3 has several new features, including MathEx Multiple Master font support. Please see the News page for more details.

Oct 1, 2003: ChMath fonts are here: Another new exclusive font solution from MicroPress! Visit our font page for more information.

Jun 10, 2003: VTeX 8.21 adds Acrobat 6 compatibility changes. See Acrobat 6 issues page for the information on how to update older versions of VTeX for use with Acrobat 6.

May 10, 2003: VTeX 8.2 adds four alternative implementations of Computer Modern fonts. The new sets represent four weights of the entire CM set, fully hinted, based on the latest Knuth's designs, and made using the Math Precise Technology. No more ``CM fonts are too light''; use the right weight for your document.

Dec 20, 2002: VTeX 8.1 adds optimized PDF embedding, and CB Type 1 fontset: hundreds of new Type fonts, made using our proprietary Math Precise Font Technology.

Aug 1, 2002: VTeX 8 is out! VTeX 8 is a major upgrade, first in two years; in addition to many improvements and updates in different parts of the system, it contains two major breakthroughs: SVG output mode and Mathematically Precise Fonts. See the News page for more details.

Jan 30, 2002: VTeX 7.5 compiler and distributions now available for Linux and OS/2.

Dec 1, 2001: VTeX 7.5 is here. Large number of miscellaneous improvements to the PS/PDF modes of the VTEX compiler. New/improved versions of many packages. Improved version of font manager (Alias.exe).
See the VTeX history file for more.

July 31, 2001: VTeX 7.4 is here.
Support for OpenType fonts in Pdf/Ps modes; Pdf Security options; New AliasFont font configuration utility handles Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType; many new Type 1 font packages.

June 20, 2001: We are proud to announce PA Math: our newest Premium Math Font solution.

March 31, 2001: VTeX 7.3 is here, with a plenty of new improvements and additions.

Jan 2, 2001: Equation Magic now supports the HV Math and TM Math premium fontsets.

Jan 31, 2001: Version 1.3 of the HVMath Premium fontset has just been released. New AMS-compatible fonts hvam10/hvbm10 added. The new fonts add many additional symbols including a matching version of BlackBoard Bold.

Dec 15, Y2K: VTeX 7.2 is now available! Among other additions and improvements, the new distribution includes the new CM Dark set: new implementation of the Computer Modern fonts in Type 1 darkened for the best legibility for screen and laser output. (more)

Dec 15, Y2K: Version 1.3 of the TMMath Premium fontset has just been released. New AMS-compatible fonts tmam10/tmbm10 added. The new fonts add many additional symbols including a matching version of BlackBoard Bold.

Aug 15, Y2K: VTeX 7.1 is here: pdfmark support in GeX, Surd package, PdfScreen support in PDF and PS modes, ... more

Jun 15, Y2K: BaMath fonts are here: Another new exclusive font solution from MicroPress! Visit our font page for more information.

May 30, Y2K: VTeX 7 is now available! The best TeX system has just become still better! New 1-pass TeX->PS output mode with optional PS distillation; New versions of the EC/TC fontset; full LA fontset; Business Chart plugin; powerful Function Plot plugin and Visual front end (VFPLOT); new DVI Reader; many miscellaneous improvements and added features... (more)

May 10, Y2K: EC/TC fonts in Type 1 are now separately available! More from the company that brings you 1he best in TeX and fonts.

April 15, Y2K: Version 1.2 of the TMMath premium fontset has just been released. Many new glyphs, full T1 encoding supports, as well as all the important TS1 glyphs are now in.

February 15, Y2K: New Complete font solution available in Type 1: CM Bright. This brings the total of MicroPress' font solutions to 5.

December 31, 1999: HV Math 1.2 fonts now available Full T1 font layout!

November 30, 1999: Concrete Type 1 fonts available

October 10, 1999: Our new product, VTeX/A, is a low-cost alternative to getting the full VTeX/Pro. Special introductory pricing makes VTeX/A affordable to everybody.

October 10, 1999: New demo is (finally!) available. Download and try VTeX 6.5 now!

August 25, 1999: VTeX version 6.5 adds direct PDF-mode XYpic and Seminar support, PDF forms, JavaScript and Sounds, as well as improved IDE with Project Management.

August 15, 1999: VTeX/2 (VTeX for OS/2) is here!

May 15, 1999: VTeX version 6.4 adds CJK support and image filtering plugins, as well as two new font families, improved Visual Equation editor, extentions to GeX, and updated bitmapped graphics filters.

April 1, 1999: Informal Math joins HV-math and TM-math. If you are looking for a new and distinct way to typeset your mathematics, this might be just what you were looking for. See our new Fonts page.

March 15, 1999: VTeX Linux is here!

February 15, 1999: VTeX 6.3: Concrete Type 1 fonts; GeX extentions API; Integration of HTML mode into the IDE; Improved TeXpider setup.

Oct 30, 1998: MicroPress is proud to announce a new major version of Equation Magic.
[Free EqMagic Lite is available for download from the same page]

More News? Click here

Last Updated: Jan 1, 2005.

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