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Informal Math is a family of fanciful fonts loosely based on the Adobe's Tekton(TM) family.

Tekton(TM) family are fanciful fonts which belong to fonts imitating handwritten text. Tekton was designed by David Siegel based on the lettering of San Francisco architect Frank Ching. Fonts of the Tekton family have equal in width stems with decorative lumps instead of serifs. These fonts are usually applied for printing of informal texts, fanciful messages and callouts.

Informal Math comprises the fonts necessary for mathematical typesetting (math italics, math symbols and extensions) in normal weight, as well as OT1 encoded text fonts of upright and oblique shapes. Additionally this collection provides necessary files for using the fonts with plain TeX, LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX 2e.

Suggested use: Announcements, Fliers, Presentations, Web Publishing. For conventional articles, reports, books consider TM Math or HV Math.

First released in April 1999.

Current version 1.0


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