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EC Text Typewriter Variable Width Italics, Optical size 10pt
EC Text Typewriter Variable Width Italics, Optical size 10pt
The above shows the character set of this typeface with the scaling factor 400%.

Typefaces for optical sizes 5pt, 6pt, 7pt, 8pt, 9pt, 10pt, 10.95pt, 12pt, 14.4pt, 17.28pt, 20.74pt, 24.88pt, 29.86pt and 35.83pt available.
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This font is part of the EC Text Font Package.

EC Text is the full font solution for European TeX users; it supplements the standard Computer Modern fonts in Type 1 format with a large number of additional symbols required for European Typesetting. The EC/TC set is very large (662 fonts) and included many different design sizes.

Most of the fonts are supplied in 14 optical sizes; the typewriter variants include 11 optical sizes.

All EC fonts include TC counterparts.

This font set is the standard component of the VTeX distribution. Besides VTeX, it can be used with other TeX drivers capable of handling Type 1 fonts (dvips, for example).

Total distribution size: 30mb.
Distribution media: CD.

First released in May 2000.

Current version 1.0


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