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Concrete Text Italics, Optical size 10pt
Concrete Text Italics, Optical size 10pt
The above shows the character set of this typeface with the scaling factor 550%.
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This font is part of the Concrete Math Font Package

Concrete Text fonts have been designed by Donald Knuth for his Concrete Mathematics book; matching Math fonts have been designed by Ulrik Vieth.

While the Knuth's Computer Modern family has been widely accepted in scientific publishing, his newer Concrete design has not been very commonly used---since until now scalable versions of the Concrete fonts simply had not been available. They are now!

Just like the Computer Modern family, the Concrete fonts include multiple design sizes. The existing macro support for the Concrete fonts (the concrete, concmath, and beton styles) makes the MicroPress Concrete fonts immediately useful for most TeX systems.

Concrete fonts are darker than the Computer Modern fonts and usually much more legible in online documentation (Pdf). MicroPress uses Concrete fonts to typeset most of its program documentation.

First released in November 1999.

Current version 1.0


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