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BA Math is a family of serif fonts, inspired by elegant and graphically perfect design of John Baskerville (1706-1775). Baskerville's typeface is classified as "transitional", positioned between the typefaces of William Caslon (Old style) and Giambattista Bodoni (Modern).

MicroPress' BA Math comprises the fonts necessary for mathematical typesetting (math italics, math, calligraphic and old-style symbols, and extensions) in normal and bold weights. BA Math consists 15 manually hinted Type 1 fonts. The family also includes all OT1 and T1 encoded text virtual fonts of various shapes, as well as fonts with most useful glyphs of the TS1 encoding. Additionally this collection provides necessary files for using the fonts with plain TeX, LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX 2e.

BA Math is a full replacement for the Computer Modern fonts. To typeset your plain or LaTeX 2.09 documents with BA Math, just specify a BA Math based format. To typeset LaTeX 2e documents, include the bamath style package in the document preamble.

First released in June 2000.

Current version 1.2.


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