Equation Magic Pro 2.3:

Premium font support

Jan 1, 2001. MicroPress is proud to announce new version (2.3) of the Equation Magic OLE Equation Editor. EqMagic 2.3 for the first time delivers multiple fontset support.

Whereas the older Equation Magic or other equation families limite the user to a single math font selection, new Equation magic can support three:

TM Math is the fontset of choice when you want the formulas match the Times text fonts that may be used in the rest of the document; HV Math similarly matches the Helvetica or Arial fonts. TM Math is most suitable for larger text documents (like papers in the MS Word); HV Math is best for presentations (like done by the PowerPoint).

Changing between mathematical families in EqMagic is easy; just a quick click on the [Options]->[Font Family] menu selection.

EqMagic 2.3 is compatible with documents made by older versions of EqMagic/Pro or EqMagic lite; the existing documents can be updated to use the new font families.

The picture below shows the same equation done in all three fontsets; for additional examples please visit our font pages.

To order EqMagic/Pro or premium fontsets, please click here.