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(Nov 1, 2005)


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Acrobat7 bugs

This technical note explains compatibility issues between the VTeX IDE and the latest versions of Acrobat Reader software.

VTeX IDE makes very heavy use of Acrobat (and/or Acrobat Reader) by providing PDF-based Help system and PDF-document previewing with syncronization from inside the IDE; the integration with Acrobat greatly adds to the utility of VTeX software but comes with a drawback: VTeX is sensitive to major changes in Acrobat, and once every few years, when Adobe makes changes to its interface, changes are required to VTeX to maintain the extra functionality.

The good news is that major changes in Adobe software are rare; for example, no changes in the VTeX IDE interface were required to accomodate Adobe Reader 6 and 7. However, Adobe Reader 7.0.5, released in mid-October of 2005, does include such a change, and to use the VTeX IDE with the new Acrobat Reader, you should update VTeX.

Before proceeding further, check the version of VTeX you are running.

  • If you are running VTeX 8.4 or newer (in other words, if you are running VTeX released in 2004-2005), please download the fix file and unzip it to the \vtex\bin\ subdirectory. This fix will not work correctly with older version of VTeX. Observe that this fix will need to be applied every time you reinstall VTeX, so you may consider getting a replacement CD.
  • If you are running VTeX 8.0-8.3, please use the Replacement CD option on the Order form to obtain the current VTeX distribution.
  • If you are running a pre-8.x VTeX, please use the Upgrade option on the Order form to obtain the current VTeX distribution.

Last Updated: Nov 1, 2005.
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