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Welcome to Acrobat 6: new features, some problems.

"Acrobat" is so named because of the contortions one must do to get around its bugs.---Donald Arseneau.

(June 20, 2003)


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Acrobat4 bugs

Over the last three weeks, since Adobe has released the new major version of the Acrobat and Acrobat Reader software, we have received a number of queries regarding the use of AR5 with VTeX and various problems which have been encountered by the users. This article summarizes what we know to date and provides the recommendations we have.

This is not a new experience; every time Adobe produces a new release of Acrobat, problems are to be expected. Acrobats 4.0 and 5.0 were extremely buggy and we were waiting for 6.0 anticipating new hordes of bugs.

The good news are that no major bugs have been detected to date, for a change Adobe did do some testing prior to the release.

Better yet, it is possible to use pre-Acrobat 6 versions of VTeX with Acrobat 6; some configuration changes, however, are needed.

The following two sections explain two problems which may arise when an older VTeX distribution is used with Acrobat 6 and how to overcome them.

The comments below equally apply to Acrobat Reader 6 and the full version.

Acrobat 6 exit check.

When Acrobat 6 is used under a browser or VTeX IDE, it sometimes asks the user if it is OK to exit.

Unfortunately this prompt is not always modal; it may be hidden under other windows. In such cases, it would appear to the user that the system hanged. The solution is to switch to the prompt with Alt-Tab and disable further Acrobat checking.

Font configuration changes.

Versions of VTeX prior to 8.21 used Adobe's Courier and Symbol fonts in GeX mode; however, Courier is no longer supplied with Acrobat 6. If you update Acrobat to version 6 and remove the older version you would invalidate the VTeX font configuration file and make it no longer possible to use GeX.

The easiest solution is not to remove the older version of Acrobat from your system when installing 6.0: it does not take much space and you would not need to modify the font configuration by hand.

If, however, older version of Acrobat is not available, you can manually fix the font configuration. To do this, edit the (text) file, aliasing.pst, which resides in \vtex\src subdirectory. The overall format of the file is explained in the User Guide; here are the changes that would need to be made.

Locate all the extries that describe the Courier, Symbol, and Dingbat fonts. In aliasing.pst created for Acrobat4/5, these entries would refer to Adobe fonts, as follows:
@Courier-BoldOblique = cobo____ %1,2
@Courier-Bold = cob_____ %1,2
@Courier = com_____ %1,2
@Courier-Oblique = coo_____ %1,2
@Symbol = psyr %1,2,b="sy______"
@ZapfDingbats = pzdr %1,2,b="zd______"
@Courier-BoldOblique-8r = pcrbo8r %1,2,r="8r",b="cobo____"
@Courier-Bold-8r = pcrb8r %1,2,r="8r",b="cob_____"
@Courier-8r = pcrr8r %1,2,r="8r",b="com_____"
@Courier-Oblique-8r = pcrro8r %1,2,r="8r",b="coo_____"

where 1,2 index the Adobe font directory. Replace these entries with references to URW versions of the fonts, as follows:
@Courier-BoldOblique = n022024l %3,4
@Courier-Bold = n022004l %3,4
@Courier = n022003l %3,4
@Courier-Oblique = n022023l %3,4
@ZapfDingbats = pzdr %3,4,b="d050000l"
@Symbol = psyr %3,4,b="s050000l"
@Courier-BoldOblique-8r = pcrbo8r %3,4,r="8r",b="n022024l"
@Courier-Bold-8r = pcrb8r %3,4,r="8r",b="n022004l"
@Courier-8r = pcrr8r %3,4,r="8r",b="n022003l"
@Courier-Oblique-8r = pcrro8r %3,4,r="8r",b="n022023l"

where 3,4 should refer to VTeX's font directory.

If you encounted a problem with Acrobat6 which this document does not explain, please contact us at


Last Updated: June 20, 2003.
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